Rinnegan Contacts

“the god of creation with destructive powers to return the world to its beginnings as a state of nothingness”








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There are other versions of Rinnegan contacts out there that don’t even remotely resemble what it looks like in the anime. These here are about 1/3 the price of most others on the market, ¬†and resemble the real Rinnegan fairly well in comparison.


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~Rinnegan is the bloodline trademark of the Sage of Six Paths. It was known as the god of creation with destructive powers to return the world to its beginnings as a state of nothingness. Wielders of these mythical eyes were claimed to have mastery over all six nature chakras.



Known Wielders of the Rinnegan:


Sage of Six Paths (Rikudou Senin)

rinneganA mythical god like figure who is regarded as the father of modern day ninjutsu.

Legend has it that the Sage of the Six Paths fought against the Juubi or ten-tails. He was unable to stop the beast and instead sealed its power within his own body and sealed his physical form into a massive rock of body later known as the moon. Nearing his death he dispersed the Juubi into nine entities across the world known each as a Bijuu.

During his lifetime he was the father of two sons. The eldest believed in power as a means of attaining peace and was given his father’s eyes, his chakra and his spiritual energy. The youngest son believed that love was the means to peace and was given his father’s body, his life force and physical energy. At death’s door Rikudou chose his youngest son as his successor and this caused a huge uproar in the older brother.

Feeling that he should have been chosen caused hate between the two brothers and this eventually lead to the descendants of the two families known as the Uchiha and Senju.


Pain (Nagato)


An orphan from the Rain Country, Nagato unconsciously inherited his Rinnegan after bursts of anger and fear overcame him. This allowed him to defeat foes remarkably stronger than himself. This carried on and it was this ability that made him undefeatable as the leader of the rebel faction “Akatsuki”.

Nagato had lived with his parents during the times of the Second Great Ninja War where two shinobi from Konoha mistakenly killed both his parents believing they were the enemy ninja. This temporary moment of extreme emotions led Nagato to release the rinnegan unconsciously for what we assume to be the first time, killing both ninja.

Living a life as a homeless orphan of war, Nagato soon found refuge with two other orphans named Konan and Yahiko. The trio traversed the war torn lands looking for food and safety. They eventually crossed paths with the future Sannin from the Leaf, where Jiraiya decided to stay behind and teach the orphans the art of ninjutsu to ensure there survival.

During the three years they spent with Jiraiya training; at one point the orphans were attacked by a hostile Rock ninja. Yahiko tried defending Nagato but was quickly defeated. In a berserk rage Nagato unconsciously released the Rinnegan and killed the enemy ninja.

As the years passed and Jiraiya left the trio became known as a rising power among the lands, now with many members and Yahiko as leader this was the beginnings of the Akatsuki. Yahiko in a very twisted situation eventually died in battle at the will of Hanzo of the Salamander. This prompted pain yet again to use his rinnegan powers and from this point forward Nagato was never the same again.

Uchiha Madara

madara-rinneganMadara obtained the powers of the Rinnegan in his final days before death. He was granted powers similar to that of the Sage of Six Paths. It has been told that the way to getting the Rinnegan was inscribed somewhere in the secret Uchiha Clan shrine below ground. However, how exactly one obtains the Rinnegan is still unknown.

When Madara was younger he constantly competed against his younger brother. They were in possession of the Sharingan and both had obtained Mangekyou through their rivalry. These powers led them to increase the standings and power behind their clan’s.

Eventually through continued use of Mangekyou, Madara eventually lost his eye sight. Out of sheer desperation Madara took his brothers eyes to regain his own eyesight and this led him to acquire the “Eternal Mangekyou”. With his new found powers he eventually met the leader of the Senju clan and together they helped found Konoha.

Eventually both leaders had a fall out over political status among the village and fought to the death at the Valley of the End, where the destruction was said to be so great that it tore the earth to bits creating the very valley the name represents. Following their battle Senju Hashirama was known to be the victor and two massive monumental statues of them were erected on the battleground as tributes of their legacies.

However, Madara still being alive, faked his death and fled. Using the DNA of Senju Hashirama from the battlefield he eventually obtained the Rinnegan near the end of his lifespan.

Tobi (Uchiha Obito)

tobi-rinnegan Once thought as a foolish and awkward member of Akatsuki, Tobi later appears to be the secret driving force behind the Akatsuki and the main opposing force in the current great zetsu war. Wielding both the sharingan and rinnegan for his selfish purposes.

After the death of Sasori, Tobi grew eager to become a new member of the Akatsuki. He eventually became a member and grew an odd relationship with the other Akatsuki member known as Deidara. In an assignment to capture the Three-tailed turtle bijuu with the help of Deidara they eventually beat the beast and brough it back to their hideout.

Later traveling to bring down another, this time Uchiha Sasuke; Tobi was thought dead after a vicious C4 blast from Deidara in an attempt to kill Sasuke. Regarded as an easily replaceable minion by Pain, we later are presented a scene where Pain is given orders from none other than Tobi who is the real man behind the curtain of Akatsuki.

Later Tobi partners with Kabuto and together they lead the opposing force in the current great Zetsu war against all the ninjutsu nations. Tobi is eventually unmasked as Obito Uchiha and is found wielding both the sharingan and rinnegan for his apocalyptic purposes.