Cleaning Costume Contacts: Tips and Precautions










So you’re new to contacts in general but you REALLY need a pair of Sharingan contacts for Sasuke. Totally understandable. Heres what you’ll need to know.


What You’ll Need

1) Contact solution: Which can be purchased locally from practically any convenience store, grocery store, drug store, etc. Since costume contacts are worn much less than normal contact lenses I would opt for an all-in-one solution.  If you’re lazy like me and want technology to deliver them to you, I found a very cheap all-in-one set with a case specifically for cosmetic contacts here.

2) Eyedrops: Contact dry out your eyes. Keep a small bottle handy to keep your eyes naturally smooth and moist.

3) Contact Case: Everyone needs a home and your contacts are no different. For the best value you can buy these bundled with solution.


Applying Your New Contacts

The way you apply your contacts is unique to the individual. Do this over a clean sink in front of a well-lit mirror, and eventually you will master your own technique.

First off wash your hands…this is a no brainer.

Second when you first receive your contacts they will be very clean and wet. Most likely you will drop them on the floor, sink or into your hand so make sure you wash them in your desired solution every time you drop them.

To clean your contacts place your desired contact lens into the palm of your hand. Submerge the contact in your desired solution and gently rub each side of your lens with your index finger for 10-15 seconds
Alternatively you can use your index and thumb to gently rub each side of your lens

To remove your contacts simply and gently use your thumb and index finger and form a pinching like motion to pop them out.


Caring for Your Contacts

After you have cleaned your contacts grab your case and your solution; place the contact in the case and completely submerge it in the solution.

Do this for the pair, screw on the lids and store them in room temperature out of the sun.


Additional Tips

Since we will be wearing our costume contacts far less than regular contact users, you should replace the solution at least once a month.

Contacts don’t like to share so have additional cases for each pair of contacts you own.

Practice wearing your contacts before the day you go out in your costume

Avoid wearing contacts for longer than 6 hours if possible