Sharingan Contacts

Heaven’s Eye” “eye that reflects feelings”

Note: The contacts below are at extremely affordable prices. However this is not to be mistaken as a loss of quality. I found many distributors offering nearly,  if not these exact same contacts ranging between $40-90 USD.  Anything better than these quality wise will usually run you over $100 USD per pair, so these are a great deal and find.

Sharingan Fully Activated Contacts








Price: 20 USD per pair


These are your basic fully activated Sharingan contacts. Not much to say here really, we all know about these :)

User Review:

“Gives me a great new look, everyone at school and places thought I looked awesome, and I’ve always like Itachi, Sasuke and Madara (As well as Kakashi) But I just seem to where these more then needed.”


Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts


The Sharingan translates to “Copy Wheel Eye” in English. It is a doujutsu kekkai genkai which appears in only some Uchiha clan members. Along with the Rinnegan and the Byakugan the Sharingan is one of the Three Great Doujutsu.

First of  its awesome power is to see chakra flow by means of color, allowing them to differentiate specific chakra’s from others, as well as detect if someone is under genjutsu.

Second of its power is the amazing skill of perception, the wielder is able to read lips, movements, mimic enemies and notice even the most subtle details.  When the sharingan continues to develop the wielder can start to detect the enemies moves before they happen by the movements in their muscles.

Third of its incredible powers is the ability most known by Kakashi as the copy cat ability. With this technique any genjutsue, taijutsu or ninjutsu the user witnesses, they are able to replicate with precise accuracy or even tailor it their own will.

Just like Sasuke did to Rock Lee’s Front Lotus and modified it into his Lions Combo. However, there are limitations such as the physical ability of the user’s body and summons which cannot be copied because the user must sign the blood contract.

The final power of the Sharingan eye is the ability of a rare type of genjutsu capable of manipulating the enemies thoughts and actions through hypnosis. In some cases it can become powerful enough to control summoned creatures actions like when  Madara controlled the Nine-tails.

These abilities of jutsu suggestion/manipulation, plus simultaneous copying, and then confusion to delay the enemy through genjustsu, can make the enemy believe that the user is able to predict the future. As was the case temporarily with Zabuza and Kakashi.

From this the user is able to potentially develop Mangekyou and rarely able to use Izanagi and Izanami.



Stage One

sasuke-sharingan-first-stageThe first stage of the partially developed Sharingan. Uchiha members pupil will turn red and they will develop one swirl. Sasuke’s left eye took this form upon activating the Sharingan.





Stage Two

sasuke-sharingan-second-stageThe second stage and nearly developed; Uchiha members pupil will turn red and they will develop two wheel swirls. Sasuke’s right eye took this form upon activating the sharingan.





Stage Three

sasuke-final-stage-sharinganThe final stage and fully activated; Uchiha members pupil will turn red and both eyes will develop all three swirls. This form grants its user full abilities such as reading Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and the famous copying abilities Kakashi’s sharingan was known for.