Naruto Nine Tails Contacts

“I sealed the Nine Tails inside you because I believed you would learn to control it, after all you are my son.”








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With chakra hot enough to melt flesh these naruto nine tails contacts will surely look great in your nine tails cosplay setup.


All jinchuuriki are able to use abilities granted to them by their tailed beasts. Which include techniques as well as power and the ability to transform into their tailed beasts to a various degree.  As the age they either gain or lose control over the power of their tailed beasts.

In Naruto’s case his tailed beast is known as Kurama or Nine-Tailed Fox. It was sealed in Naruto shortly after birth and is the strongest of all the other bijuu (tailed beasts). Kuruma has been know to flatten mountains and create tsunamis with single swipes of its massive tail.

Due to Kuruma being sealed inside, Naruto initially struggles to elicit even the most basic skills of a ninja. However, he eventually overcomes this and is granted an incredible supply of chakra along with the ability to heal wounds almost as instantly as they form.


Stage 1: Demon Fox Cloak

stage-one-nine-tailsStage one or what also known by Jiraiya as “demon fox cloak” creates a mound of chakra that completely surrounds Naruto.  It appears as a see through red color with bubbles of chakra that appear as though they are boiling.

The mound of chakra that surrounds Naruto looks like an outline of the original nine tailed fox only miniaturized for Naruto’s body. Each tail at this point can be used as a weapon of grab onto its environment. The same thing can be applied to the arms, due to chakra being able to stretch.

When Naruto was in this form he had not yet gained control over the Nine-tails. Therefore in this stage he is very primal and aggressive, and the mound of chakra has been known to think for itself and respond to threats that Naruto otherwise might not have been aware of.

Anyone who comes into close contact with this form can expect to be burned by the corrosive power of the surrounding chakra. Naruto himself is also not immune and if in this form long enough the jinchuuriki’s own body will start to corrode.


Stage 2

stage-2-nine-tailsIn this form the tailed beasts chakra starts to take on a more humanoid form. It appears deep red and black in color and in this form Naruto isnt even recognizable anymore;  with the body of a real miniature fox taking place; Naruto also develops ears, eyes and the mouth of the ninetails.

Unlike form 1 the amount of Naruto’s tails in this form are no indication of strength. Naruto retains all the previous abilites of chakra arms and tails, but now also receives the ability to use the tailed beast ball as well as a huge boost in overall power.

In this form Naruto is nearly completely oblivious to friend or foe and will lash out on anyone that he sees fit.


Stage 3:








The next and almost fully transformed form of the ninetails causes Naruto to have isolated fully developed parts of the real nine tails, both in look and size. Instead of see through or dark chakra Naruto will look completely transformed as the nine tails with fur, skin, muscle and bone.

Although a few isolated parts of his body will still remain as they were in stage 2 with a deep red chakra as seen in the picture on the tails.

This is by far the most powerful form yet.


Final Stage: Tailed Beast Mode







The most powerful and final form of Naruto’s transformations is the Tailed Beast Mode. It is important to note that Naruto could have entered this form an exact replica of the original nine tails. However doing so previously would have meant completely breaking the seal causing the kyuubi to completely take over naruto’s life force; killing naruto.

The alternative we have seen was achieved by learning to work as one with the nine-tails. However, as Naruto’s strength once again greatly increases he does not actually become a full replica of the nine tailed fox.

In Naruto’s tailed beast form at least thus far  he appears in his human form very similar to his nine tails chakra mode only with a longer cloak featuring a black undergarment and three magatama on each side.

He is seen using all the previous abilites as well as being able to emit life size chakra cloaks of the actual fox’s body parts to do his bidding.


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