Konan Contacts

“Madara do you understand why we betrayed you? Because you are darkness, a world without light where flowers can only wither and die!”


















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Konan has a deep orange-gold (amber) look to her eyes. I have managed to find nearly, if not exact match konan contacts to the ones used in this excellently done cosplay picture of her above.



konan-narutoKonan’s family was killed during the Second Great Shinobi War, and she was left an orphan to fend for herself. Eventually she met up with other orphans known as Nagato and Yahiko, and they were unseperable ever since. She learned ninjustu from Jiraiya and formed the foundings of the Akatsuki as one of the three inital members.

When she was a child Konan was very caring, happy and intelligent, however following the tragic events that her life unfolded for her, she became a very serious person. Now very emotionless, calm and monotone, Konan doesnt speak much.

However, she is very loyal to her comrades Nagato and Yahiko (before he died).

She had an amazing talent for origami even as a child and has used these to create her own paper ninjustu type techniques. Such as her “Dance of the Shikigami” which turns her entire body into thousands of pieces of paper.

She can then control each individual sheet to form any object, shape or color. Furthermore she can use these as a weapon; hardening the paper like steel and taking on the forms of popular weapon-types such as arrows, shurikens and spears.

She has been known to travel long distances using her paper butterflies and can re-create environmental structures like trees and then hide in them for cover.