Byakugan Contacts









   Price: 20 USD per pair


A lot of other byakugan contacts on the market cover up your pupils and hinder your vision. These wont do that and their priced at a very affordable rate.

Edit: I will leave the ones above for anyone still interested. However, I have found an awesome pair of byakugan contact lenses that will completely cover your pupils and eye entirely white. Just like the real byakugans!…..Before being able to see was a problem with other contacts which is why the above are recommended,  but with these that is no issue anymore.


hinata-buttonPrice: 28 USD per pair


User Review:

“These contacts are great! I needed something that made my entire eye look white that I could still see through. I was a bit skeptical about how they would look because of the tiny black holes. When I put them in, they were amazing. They felt great, I could still see, and they gave the complete white look that I was going for.”


Naruto Nine Tails Contacts



Byakugan~Byakugan translates to White Eye in English and is the bloodline trademark of the Hyuuga Clan. It is one of the three great doujutsu along with the Rinnegan and Sharingan. The Hyuuga clan members have eyes that are almost completely white and when activated facial veins near the temples bulge. In order to keep the secrets of the byaakugan safe and also to remain in complete power they would placed cursed seals on the foreheads of the branch family members.

The main ability of the Byakugan is that it gives the wielder near 360 degree vision. There is however, one blind spot at the back of the neck.

The second skill is the ability to see through objects as well as optical zoom vision. This can help to detect clones, smoke screens and almost anything except a few limited objects.

The third awesome ability is the skill to see chakra flow, but even more amazing is the fact that it grants its wielder to see the chakra circulatory system of an individual. This is what the the Hyuuga Clan use to tailor they combat style too.

The Gentle Fist for example focuses on striking the chakra pathways. When this happens enough times and correctly it can cause the enemies organs to shut down, which in most cases leads to an instant win.


Byakugan Wielders (Some Of)



nejiKnown as the genius of the Hyuuga Clan, Neji was a top graduate and is an extremely gifted ninja. However, he is a branch family member and therefore has been branded with a curse seal mark upon his forehead.

Neji grew up with a lot of hatred towards the House Family and because of that is a strong believer in a pre-determined fate, which in his case is a bad one. When he became a ninja he was put into a three man cell with fellow comrades TenTen and Rock Lee.

Neji himself is a very gifted, mature and serious individual. He was labeled top of his class and said to be strongest of all the Genin at that time by Rock Lee. He was also extremely gifted among the Hyuuga’s as expected to surpass all other current members.  Neji also was the first and only genin of that year to graduate to jounin, while the other remained chuunin.

He specializes in close quarter combat using Gentle Fist and similar techniques, along with the power of his byakugan, analytical abilites and solid taijutsu, Neji is a force to be reckoned with.



hinataHinata is a member of the House Family, the noblest of all the Hyuuga’s. Initially she is very awkward, weak and shy. However, as time passes she soon becomes a very skilled ninja and starts to earn respect among her peers, in particular from Neji.

She is part of a three man cell consisting of Shino, Kiba and there sesei Kurenai. She possesses similar abilites as Neji only had to work a lot harder to achieve them due to not being a natural genius from birth.

She is also known to be secretly admiring Naruto from a distance, usually in a nearby corner or alley. Where just being in close proximity or his voice leaves her paralyzed in an embarrassed fear.

Regarded as a failure by her father, she later on becomes extremely skill, able to trade blows with Neji. She also has a heroic moment protecting Naruto from Pain where she packs considerable damage in breaking Pain’s Chakra blades, freeing Naruto from harms way.

Like Neji she specializes in close quarter combat using Gentle fist and similar Hyuuga trademark tecniques.



aoThe awkardly dressed and equally mannered Ao…who  is actually not a Hyuuga at all but still possess the Byakugan. It was said that at some point in his past he fought with a Hyuuga clan member and upon victory took his right eye as his own.