Best Naruto Cosplay Pics & People

If you’ve searched a bit on the best naruto cosplay pics before you’ve probably come across a few lists here and there. Although most all of them include the most popular characters, like the naruto’s, the sasuke’s and the sakura’s.

However, here I am going to show you the best and most bad ass of some of the less popular but equally awesome (better in my opinion)  naruto cosplay characters.












hidan cosplay 2hidan cosplay













Who doesnt love the psychopathic masochist from Akatsuki known as Hidan? These are some of the best collection of Hidan cosplay costumes and people that I have seen. A lot of detail goes into this and the face paint looks especially good.



orochimaru-costume orochimaru costume orochimaru-cosplay


















The snake eyes Ring look-a-like and one of my favorite,  if not my favorite Naruto characters of all time; Orochimaru is the bone chilling,  genius evil villain obsessed with immortality and power.  These three pictures are some of the best cosplay pics I have ever seen. Orochimaru looks especially attractive in the last picture.



I was more concerned with finding the best of Sasori in puppet form (Hiruko), as I figured that would look the best but also be very hard to imitate well. These two people have done a great job of that. The extendable iron tail in both, but most noticeably the right picture looks absolutely awesome.




Itachi is particularly hard to mimic due to so much of his actual face being shown in comparison to the above pictures. Typically girls make the best naruto cosplayers due their fair and smooth skin, and facial features. The Akatsuki cloak looks nicely made here and the two drawn face lines and the Akatsuki ring also shows the user payed attention to details.


Pain and Konan


This is by far the best Pain and Konan naruto costume combo I have ever seen.




deidara-naruto deidara-costume

Deidara is probably most suited to be imitated by a girl rather than boy for obvious reasons. These people have done a fantastic job of imitating him. I have seen other people use a paper cut-out stuck to their hand for Deidara’s hand mouth, however, I think it looks much better drawn on like above. The clay in hand and Akatsuki ring make it look all the better.



kisame cosplay kisame costume

This is surprisingly great considering how hard kisame’s face would be to imitate. The user did a very good job with the face paint and the Kisame contacts here really give it that extra touch.


So there you have it, I have tried to compile a decent size list of some of the best naruto cosplay pictures and people that you are likely to ever see.