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Akatsuki, meaning dawn or daybreak in English was originally started by Yahiko, Nagato and Konan during the Third Great Shinobi War in an effort for world peace.

However, following the death of Yahiko and the introduction to the manipulative Obito Uchiha, Akatsuki soon became a haven for S-rank criminal ninja. The groups outlook also took a complete 180 degree turn and was now interested in capturing each of the tailed beast’s powers as their own, and world domination following.

Rarely caught all together Akatsuki consists of no more than 10 members at one time and separates into two-man cells scouring the planet for money, power and tailed beasts.

The Akatsuki team in the Naruto series mainly consisted of Pain, Konan, Deidara, Sasori, Kisame Hoshigaki, Kakuzu, Hidan, Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke (briefly), Orochimaru (briefly seen), Deidara, Tobi.

The only exception is Zetsu who functions as the teams spy, hiding in the shadows and gathering intel and other useful knowledge for their advantage.

When a tailed beast is located and snared they begin a three day long ritual to seal its powers.



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