Naruto Contact Lenses: Your Ultimate Resource

If you are on this website there is no doubt you are looking for some of the very best Naruto contact lenses out there.

I know from experience that finding high quality cosplay contact lenses online, especially in a variety of different types is rather challenging.

As an avid Naruto fan myself looking for contact lenses I ran into a bunch of problems initially. There are tons of cheap, crappy or overly expensive contacts out there.

The real trick is to find the balance between quality and cost, and that is the hard part. Therefore I had to look far and wide across the internet to find the very best ones.

I took what I learned and used that to compile a resource to help other fans find the best Naruto Contacts available at the absolute best prices.

Whether you are looking for sharingan, mangekyou, rinnegan, byakugan, nine tails or more; this site was designed to be the ultimate resource in helping you find whatever contacts you desire.

Lets look below and pick out what type of Naruto contact lenses we are looking for:




Ultimate Naruto Contact Lenses Resource:


Sharingan Contact Lenses: All Stages


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Mangekyou Sharingan Contact Lenses


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Rinnegan Contact Lenses: 


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Byakugan Contact Lenses:


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Nine Tailed Fox Contact Lenses:


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Akatsuki Members Contact Lenses:


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All Other Naruto Characters Contacts


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Favorite Cosplay Characters

Below I will show some commonly imitated Naruto characters.

I also have a post on some of the best naruto cosplay I have ever seen


Uzumaki Naruto

uzumaki-narutoThe star of the show, Naruto is obviously very often chosen as a cosplay character. Often times Naruto is portrayed by a female rather than male, and I must say they do a particularly good job of it from what I have seen.

If Naruto was placed in the downtown of any major city he would stick out like a sore thumb. From his trademark orange uniform and bright yellow hair he is usually found energetically running or yelling into the distance.

Naruto is a great character for cosplay and probably doesnt require contacts.

If you want to get really detailed with your costume or if your eyes are brown you can opt for a generic pair of blue contacts (I threw in UV properties on purpose, so when in the dark everyone will still be able to find Naruto lol).

If you are dressing up as Naruto Nine tails you will most likely need a pair of nine tails contacts.



Haruno Sakura

sakura-standingA well portrayed Sakura is hard to come by. Particularly because she has no robe or mask and wears little amounts of clothing in comparison to some other often portrayed Naruto characters.

This makes body type and facial structure more of a factor here, and when pulled off correctly can look all the more awesome.

Sakura is a confident individual with bright pink hair and is not afraid to express how she feels.

Typically she is either found healing the injured, training with her sensei Tsunade, or keeping Naruto in line, either by verbal or physical means.

For portraying a good Sakura I would look in the mirror and practice my best piercing gazes that she is typically known for.

I would also practice yelling out my “shannaro’s!” whenever I am down for a good time or fight.

Again contacts aren’t a huge deal here but if you want to make a really good portrayal of Sakura, unless your eyes are already green I would get a generic pair of green contact lenses.

Uchiha Sasuke

uchiha-sasukeBig surprise he’s on the list (not). Naruto’s former friend and star of Sakura’s daydreams and most other girls he comes into contact with; is Uchiha Sasuke.

Back in the day he would typically be found training or sitting somewhere with a group of girls surrounding him thinking of way’s to kill his brother.

Sasuke has been seen being portrayed by either male or female fans and can be quite a challenge to nail down. He is however a very diverse character due to how many different looks he has had.

He can be imitated as young sasuke, older sasuke, orochimaru sasuke, akatsuki sasuke, or cursed seal sasuke. Typically you will want either your sharingan contacts or mangekyou sharingan contacts for his character.

Uchihas naturally have blue eyes so if you want to be Sasuke or an Uchiha with the sharingan’s not activated I found great looking uchiha blue contact lenses.



 Rock Lee

rock-lee-standingProbably the greatest character of all time (no really) is Rock Lee.

Where is Lee? He is typically, no always found training, end of discussion.

Usually on his 20,000th pushup or lap around Konoha, he has also been known to be glued to the hip of his similar minded sensei Gai.

I think everyone here knows how awesome Lee is so there is not much more to be said.

He is known for his bowl cut, bushy brows and overly dilated pupils lacking any color to his eyes. To make a great Rock Lee you need these contacts.

Rock Lee was so great he even go his own spin off tv show.




karin-narutoFormerly working for Orochimaru and then later joining with Sasuke in Taka; Karin is a great character for cosplay.

She is fairly easy to portray on a generic scale, however, pulling off a really good Karin can be a bit of a challenge.

Typically known for gawking over Sasuke or yelling at Suigetsu, she is also an extremely gifted sensor-type ninja.

For a good portrayal of her one would need the trademark glasses, deep red hair and equally big deep red karin eyes that she is famous for.





Hatake Kakashi

hatake-kakashi-standingA favorite among many is none other than the gifted jounin of konoha known as Kakashi.

Kakashi is typically found either reading his pervy romance novels or saving the day and recieving less credit for it than most.

He is a gifted ninja and probably one of the best all-arounders you will come by.

Quite a bit of detail needs to go into making a good portrayal here.

He can be imitated either in his trademark konoha outfit or anbu version, check out the kakashi cosplay costume here.

Most definitely you will want the face mask, spiky grayish hair and one sharingan or mangekyou eye.

For his right eye, honestly you can probably get away with whatever you want.

Kakashi typically has a “black dot” type eye in the anime, however I have seen and personally agree that a faded blue/grey look offsets great with his silver hair and blue/green wardrobe.

For that reason I recommend this for his right eye.

  • I know what you are thinking and yes, I did miss some great characters like Gaara, Orochimaru, Hinata, etc, etc. This is definitely not a complete list by any means.


Your Turn

Now that you have seen the options  its up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and will overall help you gear up for your naruto cosplay or other naruto inspired adventures.

I have done my best to compile a complete resource of affordable contact lenses so that Naruto fans can get the best quality contacts for their dollar.

As you know, new naruto contact lenses will come into circulation all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, I will be updating our pages accordingly to help you find the best deal-quality ratio.